Friday, November 9, 2012

OOTD: Gold Shimmers!

Hey there beauties! I am doing a new OOTD which is outfit of the day. Today's topic is Gold Shimmers! YAY!! :) I named it Gold Shimmers because the color most used in this outfit is gold with a little bit of shimmer! So let's start describing! First things first, the top is a Forever 21 cropped sweater. Then, a circle shawl which is also known as a circle scarf from Forever 21. The dark was skinny jeans you can get from abercrombie and fitch. BOOTS! The brown leather long boots you can get from Steven Madden. ACCESSORIES! The watch you can get at any JCPenny jewelry stands. The gold stud bracelet you can get at Forever 21. The gold bangles you can get from Necessary Clothing at downtown New York. Then the flowery bracelet from Forever 21. The gold hand purse you can get at Coach. 

This outfit represents that Gold Shimmers! Gold fro me is my favorite color for an outfit. So if you love this outfit comment. If you have any suggestions on my next post COMMENT! If you loved this outfit as much as I do comment! Unfortunately, no one entered my spooky costume contest. :( But just look out for more contests coming up for this month. Keep checking out my blog for more posts. Be on here all night because I got a lot of posts coming to you beauties! Thanks guys! Bye beauties! :)       

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