Thursday, November 15, 2012

November's New Hottest Nail Polish!

Hey there beauties! Today we will be talking about November's new hottest nail polishes! Now let's get started! :) The first nail polish we are going to talk about today is MAC aqua nail polish. This is not any type of nail polish it's MAC nail polish! And what this is a nail lacquer it is similar nail polish and what nail lacquer is..... Nail lacque, also known as polish or varnish, is a quick-drying liquid substance applied with a small brush to the fingernails and toenails to give them shine or color or to promote strength or growth. It is available in a vast array of hues. While nail lacquer is a widely used beauty product, some health experts express concern over the potentially harmful effects of its ingredients.Many people use nail lacquer to embellish their nails. With the incredibly wide range of colors available, there is a lacquer to suit every mood and occasion. Those who prefer a simple look might opt for a clear lacquer, while those seeking glamour may choose a dramatic red. Also available are playful tones like blue or neon orange, and moody hues such as black or deep purple. Some lacquers have special effects such as an opalescent shimmer or glitter, which can enhance their color or simply add an element of fun.Certain lacquer formulations are designed to promote growth and prevent breakage by strengthening the nails. This type of lacquer may contain ingredients like soy protein, collagen, and vitamin B5, which are intended to nourish the nails and prevent brittleness, peeling, and cracking. Often this type of nail lacquer is colorless, and may be worn underneath a colored lacquer, or may be worn alone, resulting in natural-looking nails with a touch of shine.   Now time for the second one! 

So guys! I choose this nail polish because I thought it really standed up with the season. Because, in November there are lots of different colors.  So I thought you really liked this color now let's throw in some facts and what nail polish is and what it means so here it goes... Nail polish, or nail varnish, is a lacquer applied to human fingernails or toenails to decorate and/or protect the nail plate. Today’s nail polish is simply a refined version of the paint on vehicles. Car paint alone would be unsuitable for human nails, as its brittle formula is designed for the rigid surface of a car. Its formula has been revised repeatedly in order to prevent the cracking or flaking that occurs with the natural movement of the nail. So I hope you liked this post and nail polish as much as I did so comment if you liked or opinions. Make sure to check out my blog everyday for any new beauty or fashion related posts! :)


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