Friday, November 2, 2012

November Fall Fashion!

November is here and what a better way to celebrate it by some cute fall November fashion! Starting off with the first outfit of the pic, is a cute black dress, and a white headband, with white short heels, and a crossover pink purse. For me, I would wear that during a morning if your going for breakfast. The second outfit, is a pink dress similar to the first one, with a hand purse, clip on hair white bow, and open toed tall heels. I would wear that during the day if I'm going out somewhere like to the mall. :) The last oulfit, is a cute end of the day outfit, witha white dress, blue short heel shoes, with a hand purse, and a super cute red hat.

If you hadn't noticed they all have the same belt. What I was trying to represent is that every season has some sort of fashion, or style.. SO SHOW IT OFF! :) Comment on which was your favorite outfit. Make sure to enter my spooky costume contest! See earlier post for instructions and rules. Check out my blog everyday to see what's new in fashion and beauty world! Bye Beauty's! :) 


  1. Make sure you don't shorten down words, it won't look professional. Just saying, don't feel bad. Great blog!! Can't wait to see more posts!:D

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