Monday, November 5, 2012

How To: Take Care of Your Lips!

Hey there beauty's! Do you have chapped lips often or they get very dried? Well don't worry because I am here to help! :) And I have some extra tips for keeping your lips healed and taken cared of. Can a lip balm make you smile? I think so. eos lip balm is a long lasting moisture, with shea butter and vitamin D, smooths on clear. You will first need to smooth your lips with eos lip balm to make you smile and have healthy lips that won't get chapped and dry up. (seen in the right) This flavor is summer fruit. Make sure to keep this everywhere you go to have whenever you need it. Try not to lick your lips they will get worst. eos products fits a women's sense of style and also lets her have fun in the process of getting more beautiful. You can buy this at Wal-mart or you can go online at to buy more eos products. 

 Those anyone wonder what causes chapped lips? Well here is the answer! Lips get chapped because they are to dry, usually because of exposure to the elements. The usual: dry wind, wind, sun, cold temperatures, and even dust. Well your problems are gone with carmex chap stick. Carmex lip balm is packed with ingredients specially selected to help heal your chapped, cracked, burned and otherwise abused lips. And if you suffer from painful fever blisters, you’ll be glad to know that Carmex helps relieve the symptoms of cold sores. Carmex adds natural emollients to your lips, while locking in your own body’s moisture to help protect against chapping and cracking. Lanolin, for example, is a natural substance that locks in moisture. The lanolin in Carmex is easily absorbed into the delicate skin of your lips, where it provides a temporary barrier against the drying effects of wind, heat and cold. For more information on carmex lip stick at

Here are some tips on keeping your lips cared and healthy:

  • Try not to lick your lips when they get chapped because they will get worst.
  • Drink LOTS of water. When you get chapped lips it is because your lips are drying out (aka becoming dehydrated). So, the more water you drink the more hydrated your lips stay. Plus the rest of your body stays hydrated which is a great thing!
  • Rub sugar on your lips to remove the dead cells from your lips. CO Bigelow has a great product that does this
  • For a cheaper option, many people suggest brushing your lips a little bit with your toothbrush to remove the dead cells.
  • Right after rubbing your lips with sugar and wiping it off apply a lip balm. Some lip balms don’t feel like they are really doing anything. eos Lip Balm is an excellent product that you can feel working instantly. Your lips feel smoother and moist as soon as you put it on.
  • Don’t wait to use a lip balm until your lips are chapped! It will take longer to help heal your lips because lip balm wasn’t made to heal it was made to protect your lips.
  • If you do get chapped lips make sure not to pull at the loose skin on the lips as this will slow down the healing process as well.
  • If you do get chapped lips make sure not to pull at the loose skin on the lips as this will slow down the healing process as well.
Thanks and keep checking up my blog for more fashion and beauty care. Thanks and I will talk to you later beauty's! :)

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