Sunday, November 4, 2012

Glitter Gossip: What Fashion and Beauty Means To Me!

What Fashion Means To Me
Hey there beauty's today I am doing another Glitter Gossip and I am describing what fashion and beauty means to me and this is what inspired me to do this beauty and fashion blog. So this first paragraph is what fashion means to me so let's get started! :) What fashion means to me is it's like a stress reliever. If I am having a bad day I would think or talk about fashion. Fashion is everything to me it's all I can think about. Fashion is way to express yourself and show who you are. Everyone has a sense of style and that is fashion. There  is not a limit of fashion style or a list of it. Everyone has a different one so there is a big list! And that big list shows that not one person has the same style of you. It's not called coping its called a sense of style. Fashion is a way to show who you are. Fashion is a way to say what you like, Style is a way to say what you love. Fashion is a way to express who you want to be, Style is a way to say who you are. Fashion will come and go, Style will be always with you.. Fashion is like a friend, it is fun to have.. Style is like a best friend, it is what stays in your heart. Finding your style is like finding a boy friend.. It hard to find it, but when you do? It gives you one of the best feelings in the world. Fashion is not about money and dresses and try to fit in. It's a way to say you are full of experience, you dress like you love to dress and a way to stand out. That is what fashion means to me.

What Beauty Means To Me
What beauty means to me is that people get to show there inner beauty with and without makeup. Beauty can show people what people look inside and outside. Beauty is everything I can think about.Beauty is all around the universe. Beauty can be a cute way to show who you are without makeup or anything beauty related. Even if you don't wear makeup no one can judge you. Beauty to me is showing people that people can be beautiful. So people can be beautiful without anyhting except beauty. What beauty means to me is that people can express there way of beauty. Also, beauty should not be judged because everyone has a different way of it. To MAC, Sephora, to Chanel makeup lines it's all different just the name. So if any of you guys think that you guys can relate to this comment below. Also, if any of you beauty's have anything that beauty or/and fashion comment below! Remember to enter my spooky costume contest. Time is running out. This is the last week to enter. Remember everyone is beautiful! Bye beauty's! :)

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