Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Glitter Gossip: My Black Friday Haul!

Hey there beauties! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :D I know I did! Sorry That I have not done a blog post yet. :( I have been really busy because I have been caught in school and my gymnastics practice and more. So but right now I am not so busy so I will do one right now. So what this post is about today is my glitter gossip: My Black Friday Haul! So as you can see Black Friday just past a couple days ago and I was super exited and today I wan tot show you want I got for Black Friday. And please don't think I am trying to brag about what I got, it is just part of my Glitter Gossip because it is a little posts or facts about me. So just a reminder Glitter Gossip is that you can give me some questions comment so yea! Let's get started! :D So as you see in the right there is a picture. And what that picture is.. is my Black Friday haul!! So what I got is a super cute jean button up cardigan from Forever 21 and all of you know that Forever 21 is my favorite store oh yea! and that shirt cost me like only 13 dollars! :D Then I got these grey short combat boots from XRSE for about 30 dollars. Then I get super cute combat boots from Fprever 21. I actually got two because they were really on sale for like 15 dollars! So I got two pairs and one is black and another one is like an olive color. Lastly, I got this super cute beanie from Forever 21 that cost me 3 bucks! So that's it but if you would like to share with me what you got for Black Friday just leave a comment below! Bye beauties! :D


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