Thursday, November 1, 2012

Forever 21 Theme of The Week: Party Dresses + Shoes/ Where Have I Been?

Hey Guys! :) I hope you had a great Halloween. As I told you in the last post, there was a hurricane in the east coast and thats where I live. So, that day I didnt have power and then I had power again, but the next morning I lost power again! :( I didnt want you guys to leave you worried because I do a blog post everyday. I want you to know that I'm okay! :) But remember I will always tell you whatever is happening right now! :) If you were a victim of hurricane sandy remember to always tell me and I can give you advice!

So I'm going to do a Forever 21 Theme of The Week which is Party Dresses with shoes! Lets start describing! :) # 1 is a dark blue party outfit and remember all of this is from Forever 21, The dress is a one shoulder dress with a black belt. You can put anything you want in that super cute blue dark bag . Tip: If you are going to a party make to wear or use a small purse so it doesnt get stolen or lost. # 2, is a cute purse outfit with a striped bangle and a one shoulder top dress with open toed cute pink heels. # 3, is a beige outfit with a London bi twinkled purse, and a open back dress, with strapped open toed heels. Then, # 4, is a chest closed dress, opened toed heels, and braided bracelet and a blue and silver clipped purse.Thanks guys I hope I gave you some ideas. Remember to enter my spooky costume this is the last week to enter! If you have any suggestions for any blog posts just be a member and comment! Keep checking out my blog posts! :)

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