Friday, November 9, 2012

Forever 21 Theme of The Week: 3 Cute Outfits!

Hey there beauties! I have three new outfits to share and decided to blog about it! Here are some three new outfits! Remember all these outfits are from Forever 21 that's why it's called Forever 21!! Theme of the week. Describing time!! :) Now the first out is a dress kinda shirt and it has sparkly flowers on the top chest. The pants are a  black high pants. With a green purse to keep your belongings will look super cute! :) The heels are about 3' inches tall and they are studded. The second outfit is is leather button up coat to keep you warm. And light wash flare jeans. BTW: Sorry that I did not add shoes for the second outfit could't fine any :/. The purse is a furry cheetah button up crossover purse. The third and final outfit is a knit red cropped top. The pants are black skinny jeans. The heels are about 4' and they are a mixture of boots and heels, they are zippered up. The purse is a white ordinary purse with a gold metal handle.   

What this represents is that the first one is a summer night outfit for a special occasion. The, the second one is like for a winter day outfit to go to the mall. The third one, is is like a spring night outfit. Comment if you have any suggestions fro my next blog post. Comment on which outfit you liked the best. Comment if you have anything to tell me!!! Unfortunately, my contest is over and no one entered! :( But make sure to keep checking on my blog for contests for this month. And also check out my blog for any new fashion or beauty related posts. Okay so I am going to tell you what my favorite blog is Nidhi's Blog!!! Make sure to keep checking on here cutest blog on the block!!! Thanks beauties! Love Ya!! :) Go on my blog and Nidhi's Blog!!! Thanks! :) 


  1. I love the third outfit, very cute and great for the winter. (: - Jade

  2. Thanks and I agree that outfit can be for winter be a member on my blog! :) Thanks! :)