Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Slipper Shoes!

Hey there beauties! Today we will be talking about fall fashion trends 2012 of slipper shoes. Slipper shoes are these ballet flats that are such in style right now for fall! Some of them have studs or just plain, or with some animal prints etc.. Now let's start describing! All of these flats you can get at any shoe store like: Forever 21, Necessary Clothing, Delia's, Target etc.. The first one is in the middle the black plain ones with are a furry texture. The second one is the plain purple or violet and there are also a furry texture. The third one is black with a pink flowery design. The fourth flat is a furry cheetah design and these I know where to get is any Vans store. I hope.... ;) The fourth ones are black and furry with with a bow with some hearts with a design. The fifth one is with also a black furry texture and one stud and a thin bow on the top of the shoe.last but not least is the sixth one and the last one is black color with studs all over or if you want to call them thorns also. 

Now these flats are the flats that are in style right now. These will look cute with any dress or skinny jeans. If they have designs it will look good with a dress. If they are just plain they will look good with skinny jeans. But if you are wearing the slipper shoes/flats with any dress you should wear it with the color matching you dress and the shoes. Comment on which are your favorite. Comment if you have any suggestions for my next blog posts. Comment if you have suggestions for any new segments. Comment for any questions. Or comment for anything you need from me or want from me. :) Make sure to check out my blog for my new fashion or beauty posts. Or any new or recently segemts. Thanks guys love you! :) 

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