Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Inspiration!!! :D

Hey there beauty's! :D I love fall fashion!! Fall is my favorite season for fashion! I'm sorry i'm super hyper right now, and when i'm hyper and i'm typing I just do whatever I want.I'm sorry... :/ So anyways, Bethany aka Macbarbie07, will show her fall fashion. Bethany is very related to me because I love fashion! What she will add in this video  is some of her essentials for fall and outfit, shoes, accessories, etc. She will also give you tips for fall so you don't get chilly. Dark lip colors are really in style in fall. Colors such as brown, black, yellow, orange are really colors of this season because of leaves. Candles are cozy when yo are feeling down and you feel refreshed when the scent of candles go into your nostrils. Make sure to have all your makeup and clothing. And if you don't have all the stuff and accessories she has don't worry just sit back and relax and get inspired by Bethany. So I hope you guys love this fall video and lets get into to it! :) 

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