Friday, November 2, 2012

Colorful Puffy Dresses!

Hey there beauty's! :) Do you love dresses? Then here you go! The first one is a feathery puffy dress with a silver belt that is perfect with some silver sparkly shoes. The second one is totes cute! Its a pink puffy dress on the bottom, also with a silver belt but this one is leather. The third one is my absolute favorite dress from all of them! Its a puffy dress and its black and white with long flowers on it with a leather belt. The fourth one is going to be a spring day dress, its a rainbow dress, and on the top corner has rainbow flower. The fifth dress is aqua and white dress that mixed together with aqua and white on the bottom of the dress with a super cute sparkly blue belt on the waist band. The last dress is a yellow dress with a yellow belt attached.

If you hadn't noticed all of them is strapless. All of these dresses is a represented as a day to night dress. So don't be afraid to show your beauty. :) Remember to enter my spooky costume contest. This is the last week to enter! See earlier post for rules and instructions. Make sure to check out my blog for more beauty and fashion stuff! Love you guys bye :) 

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