Monday, November 19, 2012

Beauty Blabber: 5 Easy Ways On How To Take Care of Your Hair!

Hey there beauties! :D Today I will do a new segment called Beauty Blabber and what this is a post about beauty. So every beauty related post I will name it beauty blabber with it's topic. I have noticed that I have not done a beauty related post yet so I decided to do one now. So today we will be talking about: 5 Easy Steps On How To Care of Your Hair. These steps are for any type of hair. So, if your hair is long short or even medium long it's okay it works for everyone! So let's get started! 1: Now first everyone washes there hair. But remember to wash your hair good everyday or every other day. But if you are suffering with flakes or dandruff in your hair, Don't you worry so I am here to help! :D To help you, you can use Head and Shoulder's 2in1 dandruff shampoo + condition. What you have to do is wash normally but make sure to scrap your scalp hard, but not to hard you don't scrap your head off! :p 2: Next Way is that try not use to many products in your hair. They will damage your hair to much. Like you should only use about 2 or 3 products in your hair. Like for me I like to take care of my hair so I only use my heat protection spray, gel, and hairspray. 3: If you suffer from tangles or get to many knots.. Try this: Suave Kids Detangling Spray! (seen in picture at right) All tied up in knots and tangles? Suave Kids Detangling Spray tames the toughest knots and tangles. It makes combing through a cinch. Hair will be soft with no more tangles. This spray you can use in wet or dry hair to eliminate knots and tangles. Directions: Use on wet or dry hair. Shake it before using. Spray it on, give it a comb, and "TA-DA" no more tangles. Do not rinse! I use this and works really GOOD! :D  4: Do you suffer from split ends? Then no more worries! Use Pantene Beautiful Length Split End cure shampoo. (as seen at bottom right/after detangling spray)
You can wash your hair regularly with this shampoo and condition with a frizz control to help you your stay flawless. This will help your split ends or any dead ends! It worked for me! :D 5: Last but not least the final way on how to take good care of your hair! The final step is that you should always brush your hair! Everyday! Day and Night. Because if you don't brush your hair it will start to get dead ends, split ends, tangles and knots, and very frizzy etc.... So remember to brush your hair! (seen in picture at the bottom) 

So if you follow all these steps, you hair will come from this
To this.....
To flawless hair like Pretty Little Liar's Shay Mitchell. Remember to always follow these steps everyday! Remember to enter my contest! (do not comment on here for contest) Comment on any contest updates! You can be the winner! Thanks guys! Talk to you later! :)


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