Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Quote Outfits!

Hey there beauties! Today I found a some super cute outfits and decided to blog about it! So today I want to talk about quote outfits, and what that is outfits that have cool drawings of characters on it, and with quotes or words on them. So let's start describing!!!!! :) Outfit 1: So today we have five outfits and the first one for you beauties is what I called: Red, Red, Red! :) Now in this outfit for a cozy feeling wear a red Adidas hoodie  Then, A bulls red bulls hat. After that, grey sweatpants and red Nike shoes will make the outfit awesome! With, a plastic red bracelet it says my name is... And with some red beats will make your tune good! 

Outfit 2: All of these outfits I will call by there name. For an example: This one is called Yellow, Yellow, Yellow! :) Outfit 2 is one of my favorites of this picture! The second outfit is with a Taylor Gang of.. t-shirt. The bottom are black plain sweatpants baggy. Then, the shoes are Chuck Taylor's Converse's and they are black and plaid high tops. Then, with the yellow beats are super cute! :) Then with your yellow and black diamond hat will go with the outfit super cute! :D Lastly, with your yellow plain bracelet will go with the yellow in the outfit. 

Outfit 3: This third outfit is called Green, Green, Green! :D Outfit 3 has a Kermit hoodie sweatshirt. Then, the bottom is a light wash skinny jeans. Then, the shoes are also Chuck Taylor's Converse's and these are the short neon green lace shoes. Then, the hat is a winter green supreme knit hat that for me seems a lot like ear muffs because they are so fizzy in your ears and they cover and keep them warm too! :D  Then, for the bracelet is a dark green zombie bracelet. I thought this bracelet was really cool because when it says zombies its says it as if the words are melting as zombie flesh. That really describes the word zombie in the bracelet. Lastly, for the beats! The beats are green (of course!) 

Outfit 4: The fourth outfit I call is: Blue, Blue, Blue! :D  Outfit number 4 has a light blue non-hood sweater that says "Bossy Sucks" which means that being bossy is not great! BOO! :( Then, the bottom is a dark wash boot cut jeans that have white strings on the side of them so when you pull them you the elastic gets tighter so you really don't have to worry about the size! Just pull the string! :) Then, the shoes are are  blue low lace Nike shoes. Then, the hat is a squirell gray animal knit hat that also seems like ear muffs! :) Then, the bracelet is a blue plastics bracelet that say "Don't Drink And Drive" and what that is saying is that you should NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE! Lastly, the beats are dark blue beats. 

Outfit 5: Lastly this fifth outfit is called: Purple, Purple, Purple! :) In this fifth outfit it has a top which the top is a purple I heart nerds panda shirt. That is super cute! :D Then,  the bottom is a light wash boot cut jeans. Then, the shoes are purple strap Nike high tops that really reminded me of Justin Bieber because he were these shoes before. :D Then, the hat is grey furry bomber hat that seem like ear muffs too! :) Then, the bracelet is a purple bracelet that says bobbies to benefit breast cancer. Lastly, the beats are purple.


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