Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Halloween Collection!

Halloween is just around the corner and whats better way to make your nails in the Halloween Style! Sally Hansen is brand that sells nails, hair, beauty, and face products. Sally Hansen Salon Effects is a press on nail polish strips that come in different styles. This picture represents the Sally Hansen Halloween Collection. The names of the nail strips are called: How Corny, Batty for You, Patch-o-lanterns, Numbskull, Spun For You, Hot Wired. Match your costume with Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Here are some examples, like for the first one in the picture which is called Hot Wire, you can use that costume if you are going to be a witch. Then, the second one which is called batty for you is if your being a cat. If you are putting on the third which is called How Corny, you can be a candy corn girl. If your using the fourth one which is called Numbskull, you can be any scary costume. If you are being a anything you want for the last one which is called Spun for You! You can be whatever you want. These are just examples, I am not forcing you to be it. :) Remember to check out other styles at :

Remember to enter my first contest which is called: Spooky Costume Contest. You can check out my earlier blog post for rules and direction. Have a nice day! :)

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