Sunday, October 28, 2012

OOTD/Forever 21 Theme: True Blue + Fighting Breast Cancer!

Good Morning beauty's! Today we are doing a new OOTD and forever 21 theme of the week called True Blue. You are probably asking why I'm calling true blue is because this outfit is BLUE! So lets start describing! The shirt a striped shirt that you can get at Forever 21. You might be thinking that you are not going to wear that because its cropped and it has no tank top under it! Well that's because its not a cropped shirt. :) Then, for the bottom part of the outfit its a dark wash, white belt, ripped, shorts that you can get at Abercrombie and Fitch. Now, for the shoes! The shoes are a high top, blue Adidas shoes, that you can get at foot locker, or champs. Be in your true blue accessories! Wear a blue NFL Yankees Team hat. Then, if your going to school or somewhere else, you could use a forever 21 cross-over bag. After that, You could do that flower sunglasses look! For a sunny day grab your shades that you can get at Forever 21. Then if you want some jewelry you can wear a boobies bracelet to benefit breast cancer.

You, yourself, can benefit breast cancer! There are lots of ways to do. Like, wearing and buying a boobies bracelet, start your own fundraising for breast cancer, walk for breast cancer, and lots more! If you have a family member, friend or relative that had breast cancer remember what they did for you, you should give back to fund raise. Thanks guys! :)    

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