Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today Im going to start a segment called OOTD, which stands for Outfit of the Day! All of my outfit of the days is really what stands out in the season and in each OOTD, it will be about a specific store. OOTD is my inspiration from Youtube celebrity, Blair Fowler, (Juicystar07 , otherjuicystar07). You will se me talk about her alot. But today's not about Blair its outfit of the day so lets get back on topic. Anyways today's OOTD is fall abercrombie and kids fashion. So what I would like to wear in the fall with abercrombie clothes is a white sweater that says "abercrombie and fitch". 


Then , I would like to wear light skinny jeans, Example:

After, I would wear brown long button UGGS, Example:

Lastly, I would wear a a plaid scarf wrapped around my neck, Example:

Added with OOTD, will be a hair style you could wear. Like with this outfit I would put my hair straight Example: (Please do not attempt that this is my hair and its not. Thank You!)

 Thank You for viewing my OOTD! Make sure to check out my other segments on this blog! : Beauty Tips, Forever 21 Fashion. Thank You! :)

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