Monday, October 29, 2012

OOTD Purple Mania!

Good Afternoon Beauty's! :) Today I am doing another one of my segments: OOTD! Fun huh? Now today we are doing Purple Mania with a touch of STYLE! So... LETS START DESCRIBING THIS OUTFIT! :) To be purple as you can get, a purple Delia's cropped top is perfect. Tip: add a cute tank top under the shirt! Then, bottoms are the most important! Try not to match that much! For an example, this outfit, the bottom are not purple, that will be to much purple. Wear a black skinny jeans that you can get any where! Remember: Black Goes With Everything! After that, wear your purple Vans so you can match you can get that at the same Vans store or Journeys Kids or Journeys. Want to accessorize your purple MANIA! Here you go, mustaches are in right now! Wear cute mustache earrings that you can get at Claries. BOWS! Wear a cute black bow ring that you can get at Claries also! TICK TOC! WHAT TIME IS IT? A purple wrist watch is totes cute to wear as a bracelet. Do you love music? Put on some of your beats as seen in this picture. PURPLE MANIA! :p

If you have any requests be a member and comment. No one has a wrong answer. Make sure to enter the spooky costume contest. See earlier post for instructions and rules. Make sure to check in everyday on my blog for some beauty tips, forever 21 theme of the week,  Poll of the day, OOTD, and much more! Remember everyone is beautiful! Enjoy Guys! ;) - Angela <3

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