Saturday, October 27, 2012

OOTD New York Look!

Hey beauty's! ;) Do you want a casual New York Look? Then here you go! This is a the second OOTD I'm making so this one is more a casual look which I call a New York look because the shirt says New York. My opinion is this outfit is super cute! Okay lets start describing! The New York shirt is a cropped shirt that if you have any crop shirts I would wear it with a tank top. Like this picture, it has a white tank top to put under the cropped shirt. Then, with a light ripped skinny jeans would be a perfect outfit! Try not to use flare skinny jeans with this outfit. What I would to do with this with the shoes, is that since everything is a light shady color so I would where light brown UGGS. Lastly, wear a light scarf which is the exact same color as the cropped shirt so I thought that really matched. But, make sure to make the scarf a circle scarf so it can stand out and if you don't know how to make that kind of scarf in the picture, watch my older post that I put up.

If you have opinions about this outfit comment below! :) If you have any requests or ideas about a next OOTD, beauty tip, How to's, or any type of beauty related posts just comment below. OH! And also make sure to enter the spooky costume contest! See My blog post before this one. Hope you guys enjoyed and remember everyone is BEAUTIFUL! :) 

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