Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Geekly Chic!

You want to look cute right? Then here you go! Geekly Chic is one of my other fashion catergories. This oulfit has inspired me from this Disney Channel show named Shake It Up! nd this oulfit is representig Rocky from the show. This picture is not only fashion it is makeup what matches with this oulfit! So this like a cute geeky girl oulfit. The pink boots are my favorite they match the nail polish and the lip stick which is pink. ACCESORIES!!! I LOVE ACCESORIES. ITS MY FAVORITE PART OF THE OULFIT. The pink flower earings are my favortie accesory of the oulfit. And mustashes and bows are really the style right now.

The clothes and purse are cute!!! Absouletly the skirt is my favorite! The peace leggings are good for the poulfit because it matches the shirt. And the shoes match the shirt beause of the heart. And the most color of the oulfit is pink!!! Hope you enjoyed :)

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