Sunday, October 21, 2012

Forever 21 Theme of the Week: Fall Fashion Forever 21 Girls!

Today's Forever 21 Theme is.. Fall Fashion!! Fall Fashion for me is flowers and plaid and FOREVER 21! Forever 21 is my favorite store to buy fall fashion or back to school fashion. It might be yours too! Some stores don't have forever 21 girls, but where I live there is. If you buy there please comment! For school I would love to wear a Forever 21 plaid cardigan and a black tank top and tight skinny jeans and kipper boots, plaid heritage scarf that there might not be boots in Forever 21. For a special occasion or a go out or some type of party, I would wear a hat , jean jacket, pink and black dress and boots.

For going to the mall I love dressing up! So I like to wear something out going and comfortable because going to the mall means walking alot! :( But the fun thing is that you are SHOPPING :). Sorry kinda got off topic there! Anyways, wear something comfortable to mall like some jeans and jordans and a t-shirt. Or some sweatpants with a bun in your hair if your having a bummy day. So have fun I hope you took the advice I gave you! :) 

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