Saturday, October 6, 2012

Forever 21 Theme: Flowers! :)

Do you like flowers? Do you like you like Forever 21? Then here you go! Fall is about leaves and variety of colors. As you all know I love to match my outfit with the season we are in right now. So these pictures represent Forever 21 flower theme. First, we are  going to talk about this picture (left picture).

The first one is like a skirt and a tank top but its all together. The skirt is the flower theme part its a variation with purple and black. The scarves are my favorite. They are my favorite because I love the circle scarves and its a flower theme scarf. My favorite of all is the last one from row 2! I had a dress like that but it doesn't fit me anymore:( Its soooo cute because I love the variation of the colors. And this cute strapless dress will be awesome for any special occasion!

Tip: Buy any type of fashion wear one size bigger than what you causally  wear because when you wash something its shrinks and it wont fit you anymore.  Thanks!


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