Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beauty Tip #9

Celebrity Hair with Bangs

The simplest way to update a hairstyle is to add hair bangs! There are many different types of bangs, including side swept, fringe, long, short, choppy and regular bangs. The hair bang can be for anyone, regardless of hairstyle or face shape.
Many celebrities have added hair bangs to their hairstyles in the last few years. For example, Kim Kardashian  recently cut a full, long hair bang to go with her long layered hairstyle. Although Kim looks amazing with or without bangs, her new look with bangs gives her a whole different appearance. Her face is nicely framed with long layers tapering into the chin and long, eyebrow length bangs.
Ashlee Simpson recently went with a very short pixie hairstyle that features choppy bangs. The choppy bang involves creating uneven ends for a very dramatic look. They can be added to any length of hairstyle. The choppy bangs make Ashlee look very modern.
Katie Holmes has grown out her fashionable short bob hairstyle and is now wearing a long layered haircut with long side swept bangs. The bangs help to break up a high forehead and balance out her facial features for a very flattering look.
Liv Tyler is a trend-setter when it comes to hair bangs. She is wearing long bangs that gently sweep across her face from a deep side part. The bangs help to balance out her face shape and show off her best facial features.
If you aren’t sure which type of hair bang would work for your hairstyle, be sure to ask your hair stylist for ideas. He or she will be able to tell you which type of bang would be most flattering for your current hairstyle, given your face shape and hair type. Hair bangs will require a little extra styling time. Another option is to try out hair bangs using clip-in hair extensions. If you don’t like the look of bangs, you just take the clip-ins out. It’s that simple. See more celebrity hairstyles galleries at

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