Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beauty Tip #12

1. Plump up your lower lip! When your lips look small, the rest of your face looks larger by comparison. The best way to beef up your mouth is to dab a shimmery gloss in the middle of your lower lip (on top of a lip-tone lipstick or gloss).

Olive oil is a great cure for all things dry. For soft cuticles, place your fingers in a bowl of warm olive oil. Olive oil is also a great way to remove waterproof mascara. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and smooth over closed eyes.

3. For daytime moisturizing, think layering: Use an antioxidant serum under a face cream, topped off with a sunblock. To stave off flaking, consider light exfoliation once a week. Moisturizing without exfoliating first can result in breakouts and dull skin.

4. When covering up blemishes, select a color for what you're covering up. For example, orange-tinged concealers counteract blueish under-eye circles. A mint-green concealer hides the redness of a pimple. The idea is that concealers act as neutralizers. Unlike foundation, concealer is mostly made of pigment, so you need only a little bit.

5. To sop up oil and refresh makeup, lightly mist your face with toner, then pat with a tissue, says Eva Scrivo, makeup artist and owner of the eponymous New York City salon. Finish with a dusting of loose powder.

6. Even if you didn't get enough sleep last night, your skin doesn't have to give you away. Nothing wakes up a face like bright cheek color. Consider a cream blush with red or pink overtones. Blend into the apples of your cheeks and set with loose powder.

7. Refresh your makeup by spraying your face with water. While your face is still wet, start reblending the foundation, powder, or concealer you already have on.

8. Sidestep streaks by mixing self-tanner with moisturizer before applying. This dilutes the formula so you don't look stripey.

9.  To minimize your makeup bag, pack only the essentials: moisturizer for luminous skin, rehydrating elixir to refresh your makeup, powder to de-shine your T-zone, an eyeshadow palette, lipstick, and mascara.

10.  Identify blemish patterns on your face. Look at the way you hold the telephone, whether you sleep more on one side of your face or if you hold your head up with one hand when sitting. Try to avoid doing these things.

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