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Forever 21 Theme of The Week: Party Dresses + Shoes!

Day To Night Fall Style!

Fall is here! So what is a better way to celebrate is with Day to Night Fall Style Hair, Makeup, and Outfit! Now, MacBarbie07 is going to give you some ideas for a cute fall fashion.  Now, it may seem hard but when she shows you it going to be easy. Make sure to have all the supplies you need. And if you don't have all the things she has make sure to watch for when you have it you will already know how to do it! Remember sit back and do your thing. If you struggle check out my blog for more videos with Blair Fowler. 

MacBarbie is another youtube celebrity but I'm not that obsessed with her as much I am with Blair. But make sure to check out her youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/Macbarbie07?feature=watch. Make sure to enter my spooky costume contest. Check earlier blog post for rules and instructions. And remember if you have any recommendations on any more fashion, beauty, etc.. be a member and comment! Bye guys :)  

Where Have I Been?

Hey guys! :) Your probably wondering why I havent done a blog post yet. Well here's the answer, on Saturday there has been a notice that there will be a hurricane called: Hurricane Sandy, on the east coast of United States. That is where I live. So, on Sunday evening the hurricane came to where I lived. Meanwhile, the power went out! :( So everything has shut off until today. So, I just wanted to give you an update of what happened so you guys dont have to worry. BUT DONT WORRY I'M BACK! :) Remember to keep a update on my blog and make sure to enter my spooky costume contest! Thanks Guys! :)

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OOTD Purple Mania!

Good Afternoon Beauty's! :) Today I am doing another one of my segments: OOTD! Fun huh? Now today we are doing Purple Mania with a touch of STYLE! So... LETS START DESCRIBING THIS OUTFIT! :) To be purple as you can get, a purple Delia's cropped top is perfect. Tip: add a cute tank top under the shirt! Then, bottoms are the most important! Try not to match that much! For an example, this outfit, the bottom are not purple, that will be to much purple. Wear a black skinny jeans that you can get any where! Remember: Black Goes With Everything! After that, wear your purple Vans so you can match you can get that at the same Vans store or Journeys Kids or Journeys. Want to accessorize your purple MANIA! Here you go, mustaches are in right now! Wear cute mustache earrings that you can get at Claries. BOWS! Wear a cute black bow ring that you can get at Claries also! TICK TOC! WHAT TIME IS IT? A purple wrist watch is totes cute to wear as a bracelet. Do you love music? Put on some of your beats as seen in this picture. PURPLE MANIA! :p

If you have any requests be a member and comment. No one has a wrong answer. Make sure to enter the spooky costume contest. See earlier post for instructions and rules. Make sure to check in everyday on my blog for some beauty tips, forever 21 theme of the week,  Poll of the day, OOTD, and much more! Remember everyone is beautiful! Enjoy Guys! ;) - Angela <3

Beauty Tip #19

Jennifer Lopez
Shimmery Eye Shadow

It?s hard to choose a favorite element fromJennifer Lopezs look from her appearance at PURE nightclub in Las Vegas. Her tousled half-updo, understated nude lip, and clean complexion hit all the right notes, but her silver smoky eye brought everything together. We love how the intense shimmer on the inner corners of her eyes gave the classic shadow a modern edge. To recreate the stars look, layer a dark black base underneath a silver shadow, then use a dome-tipped brush to blend out any defined edges. Since the tiny flecks of glitter tend to get everywhere, working with shiny colors can be tricky. Instead of sweeping on the powder, press it onto your lids using a flat shadow brush. That way, product fallout is kept to a minimum, and the shimmer stays put.
Miranda Cosgrove

Blue Eye Shadow

The thought of blue eye shadow may channel bad memories of yearbook photos past, but not all shades of cyan are created equal. At an event in Los Angeles, Miranda Cosgrove showed off a more polished way to wear the hue, opting for a sheer-looking finish with smoky grey undertones. If you?re scared at the thought of a bright cobalt eye, follow Cosgrove?s lead and pick a shade that borders more on slate than cerulean. It?s a non-intimidating way to take a baby step into the world of bright shadows without looking juvenile. And remember—placement is key. Blue swept any higher than the crease of your eye can look clownish, so make sure to concentrate the bulk of the color onto just your lids. 

Taylor SwiftPurple Eye Shadow

Color novices take note: A subtle swipe of purple—seen here on Taylor Swift—is the perfect way to try out a trendy new shade without commiting to full-on bright shadow. When going for a similar look, use just a single tone of purple. Too much variation can make the effect appear juvenile. Stick to your tried-and-true neutral hues on the eyelids, but blend the standout shade into your crease to deepen the look. Then, use a sheer brown (or even a powder bronzer) to create a natural graduation in color. A thin sweep of purple shadow underneath your lower lashes ties the whole look together. The result is every bit as sultry as a smoky eye, but with an unexpected twist. 

Balanced Makeup
Carly Rae JepsenWhile Carly Rae Jepsens breakout hit Call Me Maybe has become the definitive song of summer 2012, were calling her makeup from the Teen Choice Awards just plain gorgeous. We love how her graphic smoky eye is balanced by her clean, dewy complexion, and an understated nude lip. ?I decided to do a smoky eye to bring an element of drama to the look,? said the star?s makeup artist Desirae Cherman, who prepped Jepsens skin with a spritz of hydrating facial mist. To keep your colored eye shadow from falling onto your foundation, apply your eye makeup first, right after you smooth on your skincare. I like to start with the eyes while the skin soaks in the prep products, Cherman said. Then, follow with a medium-coverage foundation and add concealer wherever you need extra coverage, like your undereye area, or over any problem blemishes. 

Kim Kardashian
Illuminated Skin

Sometimes a slight change in your beauty routine makes all the difference. While many opt to smooth on foundation before applying concealer, the trick to achieving Kim Kardashians illuminated skin is to reverse the formula. We love how her complexion has no hint of dark undereye circles, but the concealed area doesnt jump out at you. Be sure to choose a concealer that is half a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, as anything too fair will look chalky. Dab the product right under your eyes and blend downward in a v-formation that lines up with the sides of your nose. You can also swipe a touch of the concealer along the bridge of your nose to give it a more contoured appearance. Then, fill in the rest of your face with a tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation to blend any harsh edges and even out the rest of your skin. 

Kristen StewartCopper Smokey Eye

Give your tried-and-true smoky eye a bronze goddess twist with a touch of copper eye shadow like Kristen Stewart. We love her sultry take on the metallic eye. When going for a full-on eye look like this, be sure to layer on an eye primer beforehand, or use cream eyeliners as a base to give the shadow extra grip. Plus, laying down an inky noir base before mixing the rest of the colors on is a one-step smoky eye in itself. ?I applied a bronze eyeliner to Kristens lower eyelids using a flat brush, then smudged a black liner along her top lash line, extending it out into a wing, said makeup artist Mai Quynh, who created Stewart?s look. She blended copper and black eye shadows on top of the stay-put liners to add sparkle, then deepened the look with a few coats of mascara to the stars upper and lower lashes. 

Emma RobertsFrench Twist

While we love the effect a pitch-perfect retro updo has, carefree styles are often more practical. Emma Roberts showed off the best of both worlds with her breezy, vintage-inspired chignon. "I thought because Emma's dress had a sweet and classy feel to it—like something out of the old French film Belle du Jour—putting her hair up would be perfect," her hairstylist Marcus Francis told us. "The style is classic, and to capture it in a modern way, it needed to be soft, matte, and slightly imperfect." To create the actress's effortless texture, Francis added a volumizer from roots to ends, and rough-dried her hair. Using a paddle brush, he smoothed out the hairline and brushed strands upwards to create lift. After teasing the crown and vertical section on the sides, Francis created a deep side part, and allowed layers to fall out as he twisted Roberts's strands back and secured the style. "This helps to frame the face and keeps it from looking like a wedding 'do," he added. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Halloween Collection!

Halloween is just around the corner and whats better way to make your nails in the Halloween Style! Sally Hansen is brand that sells nails, hair, beauty, and face products. Sally Hansen Salon Effects is a press on nail polish strips that come in different styles. This picture represents the Sally Hansen Halloween Collection. The names of the nail strips are called: How Corny, Batty for You, Patch-o-lanterns, Numbskull, Spun For You, Hot Wired. Match your costume with Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Here are some examples, like for the first one in the picture which is called Hot Wire, you can use that costume if you are going to be a witch. Then, the second one which is called batty for you is if your being a cat. If you are putting on the third which is called How Corny, you can be a candy corn girl. If your using the fourth one which is called Numbskull, you can be any scary costume. If you are being a anything you want for the last one which is called Spun for You! You can be whatever you want. These are just examples, I am not forcing you to be it. :) Remember to check out other styles at : http://sallyhansen.com.

Remember to enter my first contest which is called: Spooky Costume Contest. You can check out my earlier blog post for rules and direction. Have a nice day! :)

OOTD/Forever 21 Theme: True Blue + Fighting Breast Cancer!

Good Morning beauty's! Today we are doing a new OOTD and forever 21 theme of the week called True Blue. You are probably asking why I'm calling true blue is because this outfit is BLUE! So lets start describing! The shirt a striped shirt that you can get at Forever 21. You might be thinking that you are not going to wear that because its cropped and it has no tank top under it! Well that's because its not a cropped shirt. :) Then, for the bottom part of the outfit its a dark wash, white belt, ripped, shorts that you can get at Abercrombie and Fitch. Now, for the shoes! The shoes are a high top, blue Adidas shoes, that you can get at foot locker, or champs. Be in your true blue accessories! Wear a blue NFL Yankees Team hat. Then, if your going to school or somewhere else, you could use a forever 21 cross-over bag. After that, You could do that flower sunglasses look! For a sunny day grab your shades that you can get at Forever 21. Then if you want some jewelry you can wear a boobies bracelet to benefit breast cancer.

You, yourself, can benefit breast cancer! There are lots of ways to do. Like, wearing and buying a boobies bracelet, start your own fundraising for breast cancer, walk for breast cancer, and lots more! If you have a family member, friend or relative that had breast cancer remember what they did for you, you should give back to fund raise. Thanks guys! :)    

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Poll Of The Day!

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Beauty Tip #18

Jessica Alba
Thick Lashes

Long, lust-worthy lashes will never go out of style. Take notes from Jessica Alba whose luscious peepers added drama to her fresh look at the 2012 Environmental Media Awards. If falsies aren’t your thing, try accentuating your lids by dusting a translucent powder over lashes before applying mascara to give the formula something to bond to. To finish the look, curl lashes for 20 seconds and gently comb out any clumps. Voilà — mile-long, defined lashes! 

Old- Hollywood Hair

At The Scenemakers party in L.A., Jenna Dewan looked glamorous with old-Hollywood inspired curls. To compliment her elegant white dress and understated accessories, hair stylist Kylee Heath created a sleek and sophisticated style for the actress. To get the look, Heath suggests starting by scrunching a dollop of mousse into the roots of damp hair to create volume. Then, with a medium-sized round brush, blow dry until hair is completely dry. With a 1” tongs, she then curled Dewan’s whole head, leaving them pinned in place to set for 15 minutes. After veiling with hairspray, Heath gently brushed the curls out and then re-sprayed for maximum hold.

Emma Watson
Glossed Rose Lips

Promoting The Perks of Being a Wallflower in London, Emma Watson turned to a glossed rose lip to make a sophisticated statement in her all black ensemble. Clean skin, understated eyes and filled out brows all anchored the star’s shimmery pout. To help your gloss stay put, first fill your lips with a liner in a similar shade or a nude pencil. Then, gently tap the gloss along the center of your mouth and work outwards toward the corners. The result? Lightly pigmented flushed lips that give off just a little bit of gleam. 

Tousled Waves

Even with summer slowly falling behind us, tousled waves with lots of texture never go out of style. Without a beach in sight, we’re loving Rachel McAdams’ effortlessly breezy waves. Celebrity stylist Thomas Dunkin suggests starting with damp hair and working in a volumizing spray-gel at the roots to add lift to the crown. After working in a dollop of mousse, create a piecey feel by twisting various sections and blasting locks with a blow-dryer. Once dry, use a large barreled curling iron to curl random sections to create soft, uneven waves. Finish the look off with a light veil of hairspray. 

Hilary Duff

Glowing Skin

Look closely—Hilary Duff’s radiant complexion can be chalked up to a little more than a generous swipe of blush. The golden hues in her hair play off of the warm undertones in her skin and tie her whole look together. The right hair color can really enhance your complexion, and an important part in preventing a botched dye job is to first determine your skin tone. An easy way to do this is to see which type of jewelry flatters you the most. If you have a warm skin tone like Duff, gold jewelry looks best on you. Stick to tawny hair hues like honey blond, violet-based browns, and other rich, warm colors. Alternately, if you have a cool complexion, silver jewelry is more flattering on you. To balance your skin’s undertones, opt for blue-based blonds, chestnut browns, or a dark espresso shade. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to tint and tone, the heavy metals know best! 

OOTD New York Look!

Hey beauty's! ;) Do you want a casual New York Look? Then here you go! This is a the second OOTD I'm making so this one is more a casual look which I call a New York look because the shirt says New York. My opinion is this outfit is super cute! Okay lets start describing! The New York shirt is a cropped shirt that if you have any crop shirts I would wear it with a tank top. Like this picture, it has a white tank top to put under the cropped shirt. Then, with a light ripped skinny jeans would be a perfect outfit! Try not to use flare skinny jeans with this outfit. What I would to do with this with the shoes, is that since everything is a light shady color so I would where light brown UGGS. Lastly, wear a light scarf which is the exact same color as the cropped shirt so I thought that really matched. But, make sure to make the scarf a circle scarf so it can stand out and if you don't know how to make that kind of scarf in the picture, watch my older post that I put up.

If you have opinions about this outfit comment below! :) If you have any requests or ideas about a next OOTD, beauty tip, How to's, or any type of beauty related posts just comment below. OH! And also make sure to enter the spooky costume contest! See My blog post before this one. Hope you guys enjoyed and remember everyone is BEAUTIFUL! :) 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooky Costume Contest!

I am so excited to announce my first contest which is a Spooky Costume Contest! The contest is going on for 2 weeks.I know that after 2 weeks it is going to be November but I want to give you guys time. So what you would have to do is pick out your best costume that you are going to be for Halloween and comment below what you are being. Then, after 2 weeks I would check the comments and see which is my favorite one. There would be most cutest, most funniest, most originality, and most SCARIEST! I would put the winners up in two weeks as a blog post and see who wins!

If your culture or race, or religion does not dress up its okay do your own thing! Comment if your religion did dress what would you be. Just have fun! Oh I almost forgot, but your first name ONLY so I can put on the blog post of the winners. Make sure you do not put any information about your self. Have Fun and everyone is a winner! :) GOO! CONTEST STARTS NOW! 

How To: Make Spider Cupcakes

Spider Cupcakes Recipe

(makes up to 24 servings)

  • 1 (18.25 ounce) packagechocolate cake mix
  • 1 pound black shoestring licorice
  • 1 (16 ounce) can white frosting
  • 48 pieces candy corn
  • 48 cinnamon red hot candies
  • 1/4 cup orange decorator sugar


  1. Prepare cupcakes according to package directions. Let cool completely.
  2. Cut licorice into 3 inch sections. Working with one or two cupcakes at a time, so the frosting doesn't set before decorating, frost the cupcakes with the white frosting. Insert licorice pieces into the outer edges of the cupcakes to make the legs of the spider, 3 legs on each side (4 takes up too much space). Place two pieces of candy corn on the front of the cupcake for fangs and use two red hots as eyes. Sprinkle with decorator sugar. Repeat with remaining cupcakes.
Prep: One Hour
Cook: Thirty Minutes
Ready In: One Hour and Thirty Minutes

Beauty Tip #17

Rashida Jones
Winged Smokey Eye

At the 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Party, Rashida Jones looked absolutely stunning with pleated hair and winged, smoked eyes created using mark products. To recreate her sultry peepers, makeup artist Jamie Greenberg and suggests first layering your lids with primer for a strong base. Next, apply a shimmery taupe to the insides of lids to bring out the eyes. Gradually layer a deep pewter over the lids and use a midnight shade on the outer corners, passing the lash line to create a smoked cat eye. For a dimensional pop, she lined top lids with a blue cream liner and her bottom lash lines with a deep bronze. She then suggests finishing the look with two coats of black mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Lauren Conrad

Oxblood Lips

We’re loving Lauren Conrad’s dramatic, oxblood lip that she showed off at the Design for the Cure Gala. We caught up with celebrity makeup artist Amy Nadine and got the inside scoop on the look. “This was the perfect event to fancy things up a bit,” Nadine told us. The darker bold lip is a sultry look that’s easily achievable for the fall. On a prepped lip, Nadine lined and then filled the lip with a wine-burgundy hue. She then layered a bright red gloss on top to create depth and shine. When recreating the look, remember to blot and reapply to get long-lasting color.

Soft Winged-Liner

Jennifer Garner
At the Argo premiere in Los Angeles,Jennifer Garner looked absolutely stunning with smoldering winged lids and flushed cheeks. “All the emphasis was in the eyes,” her makeup artist, Monika Blunder told InStyle.com. “I wanted to give her a ‘60s vibe, while keeping her very natural and soft.” To recreate the starlet’s eyes, Blunder suggests starting with a creamy black pencil and lining the top lash line and lower inner waterline. Then with a brush, blend a light brown shadow on the lids, focusing on the outer corners to soften the wings. Finish the look with two coats of mascara and optional individual lashes. 

Coral Lips

If your lips only know pink and red hues, take a break from your routine and try a glossed coral lip like Lucy Hale did at the 10th Annual Young Hollywood Party. Celebrity makeup artist, Jeffrey Paul gave us tips on how to get the star’s luscious lips. “Lips liven up the skin and enhance the eyes when the right color is chosen,” Paul told Instyle.com. “A bold shade was the best choice to balance the femininity of Hale’s light blue dress,” Paul told InStyle.com. To get the look, Paul suggests starting with a super moisturizing balm to keep lips hydrated, a must when applying any shade. Before applying your creamy lipstick, line lips with a deeper coral color and blend. Lightly layer the lipstick and at the very center of the lips, add gloss to add dimension and fullness. To make sure the color doesn’t bleed, blot with a tissue, reapply and clean up the outline for a defined pout.

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Today Im going to start a segment called OOTD, which stands for Outfit of the Day! All of my outfit of the days is really what stands out in the season and in each OOTD, it will be about a specific store. OOTD is my inspiration from Youtube celebrity, Blair Fowler, (Juicystar07 , otherjuicystar07). You will se me talk about her alot. But today's not about Blair its outfit of the day so lets get back on topic. Anyways today's OOTD is fall abercrombie and kids fashion. So what I would like to wear in the fall with abercrombie clothes is a white sweater that says "abercrombie and fitch". 


Then , I would like to wear light skinny jeans, Example:

After, I would wear brown long button UGGS, Example:

Lastly, I would wear a a plaid scarf wrapped around my neck, Example:

Added with OOTD, will be a hair style you could wear. Like with this outfit I would put my hair straight Example: (Please do not attempt that this is my hair and its not. Thank You!)

 Thank You for viewing my OOTD! Make sure to check out my other segments on this blog! : Beauty Tips, Forever 21 Fashion. Thank You! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How To: Wear a Scarf

Today's How to is..... How to wear a scarf! Blair is going to tell you how to wear different kinds of scarfs. And if you say you know how to wear a scarf Blair shows you different ways. Make sure not to chock your self! HAHA! :) Scarfs are really in style right now because it is fall and in the fall fashion there are scarfs in there. There are scarves because in the fall it is cold. Scarves can be worn with dresses or sweatshirts. You could do your scarf any type you want everyone has an own opinion! Thanks hope it helped! :)

Taylor Swift New Album: Red

On October 22, 2012, Taylor Swift released a new album called Red! Red is the fourth studio album by American singer - songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released by Big Machine Records. Taylors swifts meaning behind the album is:  "All the different emotions that are written about on this album are all pretty much about the kind of tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships that I’ve experienced in the last two years. All those emotions — spanning from intense love, intense frustration, jealousy, confusion, all of that — in my mind, all those emotions are red. You know, there’s nothing in between. There’s nothing beige about any of those feelings." Red received favourable reviews from music critics. On Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 79 based on 5 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews." Melissa Maerz of Entertainment Weekly gave the album a (B+) and wrote: "(Red)finds her singing about walking directly into traffic, wading into quicksand, and flirting with the kinds of jerks Kanye West might toast to." and closed her review with: "Redmight be about flirting with danger." Lewis Corner of Digital Spy gave a positive review on the album and rated it as four-stars-out-of-five and said: "she sounds anything but a broken record - especially when she's on the cusp of global domination." The Guardian reviewer was also very positive on the album, gave it four-stars-out-of-five and wrote: "Red was allegedly inspired by her experience of love and its fast-paced, crazy adventures, how she's had time to open her door to such a parade of lovers good and bad, God only knows." Rolling Stone reviewer Jon Dolan found some influences on the album such as Joni Mitchell and U2, rated it three-and-half-stars out of five and said: "her self-discovery project is one of the best stories in pop. When she's really on, her songs are like tattoos." Billboard gave a very positive review to the album in its track-by-track review, called it "her most interesting full-length to date" and said:"Red puts Swift the artist front and center with big, beefy hooks that transcend her country roots for a genre-spanning record that reaches heights unseen since Shania Twain's Up! please it was released with two discs' worth of pop and country takes of its 19 songs." The Daily Telegraph was more critical, rated it as three-stars-out-of-five and wrote: "It's frustrating, then, when Swift reverts back to type. Too many of the songs on this bloated 16-track album revisit the gently strummed verses and characterless choruses of her previous work."

Singles Include in the album red: 

Standard edition
1."State of Grace"  Taylor SwiftNathan Chapman, Swift4:55
2."Red"  SwiftDann Huff, Chapman, Swift3:43
3."Treacherous"  Swift, Dan WilsonWilson4:02
4."I Knew You Were Trouble"  Swift, Max MartinShellbackMartin, Shellback3:39
5."All Too Well"  Swift, Liz RoseChapman, Swift5:29
6."22"  Swift, Martin, ShellbackMartin, Shellback3:52
7."I Almost Do"  SwiftChapman, Swift4:04
8."We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"  Swift, Martin, ShellbackMartin, Shellback3:11
9."Stay Stay Stay"  SwiftChapman, Swift3:25
10."The Last Time" (featuring Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol)Swift, Lightbody, Jacknife LeeLee4:59
11."Holy Ground"  SwiftJeff Bhasker3:22
12."Sad Beautiful Tragic"  SwiftChapman, Swift4:44
13."The Lucky One"  SwiftBhasker4:00
14."Everything Has Changed" (featuring Ed Sheeran)Swift, SheeranButch Walker4:05
15."Starlight"  SwiftHuff, Chapman, Swift3:40
16."Begin Again"  SwiftHuff, Chapman, Swift3:57