Thursday, September 27, 2012

How To: Apple Pie Party Dip W/ Cinnamon Sugar Chips

Have you ever had a hard time thinking about what to make for dessert, party food? Then your in the right blog! Watch this video and it will show you How to make Apple Pie Party Dip with Cinnamon Sugar Chips. I had a hard time thinking what kind of dessert I should do for my cousins birthday party so I looked on my favorite Youtube channel (Otherjuicystar07, Juicystar07.) and I saw this video and light bolb went in my head! HAHAHA! :D It was piece of cake when I did it.  I brought to my cousins party and I was thinking in my head i hope they like it ohh please!! When took out a bite they LIKED IT! I was proud :)

I really recommend this dessert for you because its tasty ! And its easy to make! Trust me! Just watch this video! But make sure you have a adult next to you with dangerous cooking needs! And also make sure you follow all directions so nothing turns out wrong! And get your ingredients! Hope you guys like!   

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