Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty Tip #4

We all know that one baby-faced person with perfect skin. No blemishes , no dry spots – just a smooth, clear, radiant complexion. How do they achieve and maintain such a perfect complexion year-round? Here are some secrets.
1.Science and Medicine. The main thing women use to achieve the baby-face complexion are pills. There are several different kinds of pills that can control acne; birth control, hormones, antibiotics or pills specifically made for controlling acne. If you want to go this route, talk with your doctor and find out which would best be suited for you. If you are nature-oriented and do not want to mess around with pills, keep on reading. There are more beauty care secrets!
2.Use Cool Water. Many of us have long been taught that drying out your skin is the best way to control acne. We have news! It’s not. Drying out your skin will cause it to produce more oil to gain back its ‘protective layer’. Washing your face with a mild gel, such as Cetaphil or Spectrojel, and rinsing with cool-lukewarm water will keep your skin clean and clear without drying it out.
3.Keep Hydrated – Inside and Out. Aside from drinking plenty of water each day, fill your sink with lukewarm or cool water and add a few drops of oil. Coconut oil and Almond Oil are great choices. Hold your breath and soak your face for as long as you can. Come up for air and keep soaking for about 3-5 minutes. Your skin loves to soak up water, and you probably know that after having a long bath your skin feels the most soft and smooth. Finish your soak by immediately applying a light, unscented facial moisturizer and either let your skin air-dry or gently pat dry with a towel.
4.Blot Excess Oil. If your skin is constantly oily and shiny, blot with oil absorbing sheets. There are many different brands and they all have one main goal; to remove excess oil without the need for adding more pore-clogging powder to your face. Keeping as less stuff off your face as possible will keep it looking fresh and healthy.
5.Keep it Clean! The number one rule of maintaining healthy looking and flawless skin is to keep your hands off it. Your hands and fingertips are crawling with bacteria. You don’t want this on your face and seeping into your pores. This is the number one way breakouts occur! Try to keep as much away from your face as possible and always remember to wash off your makeup at the end of each day.
Following these simple beauty care tips will give you smooth, clear and hydrated skin making it easy to apply makeup or feel confident without wearing any cover-up at all.

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