Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beauty Tip #3 :)

What do Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, and Rachel Bilson have in common? Besides their A-rate Hollywood status, beautiful face, they also sport long wavy hairstyles, which definitely looks great and help bring out their beauty. It’s no wonder, therefore, that you also dream one for yourself. A long wavy hair is always well loved because it has more volume and body, soft to the eyes, flowing, and free. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance unlike straight hair.
The good news is that you don’t need to be naturally born with it. There are already a number of ways on how you can achieve a long wavy hairstyle.
But before we proceed to the techniques, there’s something you should know. These suggestions are devoid of any hot appliances such as curling irons. Some women would depend on these devices to achieve a little curl here and there on their hair. Though they are effective and can give you the look in a matter of minutes, they are not healthy at all. The intense heat they produce can dry the hair up, leaving you with brittle, dull, or even frizzed hair.
Here are the things you can do instead:
Choose your conditioner very well. The first step to getting a long wavy hairstyle is to actually shampoo and condition your hair. Now, it’s very important that you get picky with the latter. As much as possible, you should pick the lightweight one because you don’t want to weigh your hair down. You want them to be very easy to control and manage.
You can also use the leave-in or anti-frizz hair conditioners. After taking a bath, remove the excess water from the strands and wrap your entire head with a towel. Wait for around 15 minutes to an hour. After the designated time has elapsed, you can now remove the cloth and allow natural wind to completely make it dry. This step is easy, no fuss, and can give you a bouncy wavy hair that’s natural looking.
Apply a volumizing formula. While your hair is not too damp or too dry, you can apply a conditioning mousse on your hair to ensure that you can conveniently twist or curl it. After you’ve accomplished this, you can then spray your volumizing formula. One of its jobs is to also ensure that your wave stays all throughout the day.
A little word of caution, though: avoid becoming enthusiastic on the mousse. Too much of it can also make your hair very heavy to easily manage.
Wear the rollers. It will definitely take some time to obtain a wavy hair with the rollers, but they are a lot healthier and safer. The size of your rollers will depend on the kind of wave you want to achieve. While they are still on, you can spray your styling spray at least half of the rolled hair to make sure they hold properly once you remove the rollers. You can find more hairstyles for women here.

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