Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beauty Tip #1

Hey guys so if you saw the Shawn Johnson video the description said i was going to do beauty tips. Im going to make one right now, this is the first one! :)

When it comes to women’s hairstyles, one of the most popular consists of the hair up do. This really allows the woman’s features to show and can really be an attractive look. There are many variations of the up do and this article will focus on just a few of those.
The beehive updo is apparently the classic symbol of party attire. One reason the beehive style is so very popular with women is because this style allows almost every woman, both with long and short hair, to look like they have volumes of hair in an up do.
Simple yet gorgeous, beehives have a timeless attraction for the late night party goers. The hair is simply folded upwards and sometimes tied around a bun. The core of this style is that the hair is tied above the head with clips or bands. Sometimes part of the tied hair is set loose on the back or on the forehead.Hairpins are often used to help keep this up do in place.
Another popular hair up do is the French twist. As can be assumed from the name, French twists are done by partly twisting the tip of the bunch of hair and placing or fixing the bunch on the back of the head with punch hair-clips or hair-pins. Almost similar to the beehive in hair positioning, however, French Twists are distinct because it gives a nice wavy texture due to the twists. There a lot more ways but keep checking for beauty tips ! Thanks :)

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