Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn is here!

Hey guys so all you guys know that Autumn is here ! So wrap up because its getting really cold! What I really like to wear is these type of clothes on the top. The Blue jacket on the top is really cool and it keeps you refreshed for any type of weather. The white jacket is very cozy for very cold days,  brrrr!  The red pants are cozy for sleeping on cold days because sometimes you dont need to wrap up for the night while your sleeping because you put on these cozy pants! 

So all of these clothes are for autumn the season. I really like fashion so I like to match my clothes on the season. Like if its summer i would like to match my clothes to the summer season. If its spring I will match it with spring etc... So hope this helped! Thanks guys :)


  1. wow,i love your blog its so colorful and pretty. but i wonder where you get your best clothes from?

  2. Thanks Nidhi :) I get my best clothes from hollister abercrombie, aeropostale and forever 21! :) How about you?

    1. i also get mine from hollister justice ps aeropostale

  3. next you should blog about summer clothes or winter or spring

  4. well you do very good blogs you should come visit mine