Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ariana Grande Hair, Makeup, & Outfit! (Celeb Style)

Hey there glitteries! Sorry I haven't blogged in such a long time! It's because I have been caught up on school and I have been working on some youtube videos because I feel like Youtube is starting to grow on me. Anyways, speaking of Youtube, ever since I stopped blogging macbarbie07 aka Bethany has uploaded I think like seven videos. But i don't feel like blogging a lot of videos or even blogging about all her videos. But if you want to see her videos you can just go to her YouTube channel and you can go on my and Nidhi's blog which will be linked down below which is all about macbarbie07 and we haven't blog there in a while too but we have been caught up on school and a lot of other things. 

Anyways, macbarbie07 aka Bethany uploaded a new video today which is an Ariana Grande Inspired look which I absolutely love but my opinion is that I am not a really big fan on Bethany's look in this video because I just think she looks a little bit weird in a way but I know shes not trying to be her. She just wants to show you guys how to do Ariana Grande's makeup and outfit and hair. My favorite part about this video is mostly the outfits  because they are so cute and I think they do match Ariana's style and her hair too! The Ariana Grande hairstyle is absolutely gorgues. Anyways, make sure if you are doing this look to not pressure yourself on making yourself look like Ariana but just do your own way! Anyways I hope you enjoy and come back tomorrow for a new post!! Love you guys! Bye! :) 

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Monday, April 29, 2013


Hey there glitteries! Sorry I haven't blogged in such a long time but their are a lot of videos that I wanna show you! But it's only three but I think thats a lot! LOL! ☻Anyways, the videos are by macbarbie07! OF COURSE! and stilababe09! They are both my favorite youtube channels! Anyways, the first video is macbarbie's new video which is her April Favorites! and speaking of April Favorites I am going to do the video of my April Favorites today and I want to do it outside but it is so cloudy and disgusting so yea. Then im going to edit tomorrow and it will be up by Wednesday which is May first and this year is going fast! AND I DONT WANT IT TOO!!! Anyways the next video is going to be another macbarbie07 video which is Spring Outfit Ideas: Floral which is just spring outfit ideas but it adds floral which is so cute! Comment down below which outfit was your favorite. Mine personally was the first one especially the top was so cute and the beanie! The final is by stilababe09 and it is Quick DIY  Wire Rings! I love these rings and when I found out you can make your own rings I was just like YESSS!! Because a lot of rings are very expensive but my personal favorite is the scrabble one because it has your initial which i am going to do most likely! Anyways, I love you guys and go to my Bethany Blog to see the new macbarbie07 videos! Love you guys! ♥∞

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting Prom Ready: Makeup, Hair + Bethany's Prom Dress!

Hey glitteries! Today I am going to blog about BETHNAY'S NEW VIDEO!!! YAY! And I am going to blog about it on my Bethany blog which is Anyways  her new video is going to be her getting ready for prom and she is absolutely gorgues and I am so jealous of her and my sister's prom is coming up so I was thinking of showing this to her so she can get makeup ideas and hair ideas because she doesn't want to waste money on doing her makeup and her hair because she already got a dress for her prom and it was pretty expensive but she got it from some online store called sicoco something like that she didn't tell me all the details but yea. Anyways, if a lot did not know Bethany is a member on my blog and my friend Nidhi's blog and she is also the co-owner of my Bethany blog and Bethany also is a member on thier to and our dream came true so remember to be a memeber on my blog Nidhi's blog and my Bethany blog! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video and keep coming on my blog and my friends blog and my Bethany aka macbarbie07 blog! I love you guys! I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK! <3 ~Bethany N. Mota